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6 Months From Now

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Often along the journey it feels as though the destination will never be reached. For many, including myself, this discourages us from the very next step. At times it seems as though the next steps in a journey brings one no closer than the previous two, twelve, or two hundred.

I stand here today one semester from achieving the largest goal I've set for myself thus far in life. In six months time I will be a graduated mechanical engineer.

Six months from now all the thousands of hours I've invested in myself will begin to pay dividends. Upon finishing this semester with one of the highest results I've achieved thus far I am forced to look back at the many steps I've taken to reach this point. As I contemplate beginning my last in a couple days time I am finally beginning to comprehend what achieving such a goal means to me.

I initially thought graduation would provide a sense of validation of my talents and ability. After the many experiences I've had, internships and retail jobs alike, I no longer prescribe to this school of thought. My validation lies in my relentless desire to set goals. My worth, in the ability for me to achieve the goals I've set. Graduation marks an era of freedom during which I will allow myself to set goals requiring even more work than that I've put in the last five years. Graduation will afford me the right to achieve as I see fit, starting with the steps I take across the commencement stage. I wish you all a productive and happy New Year!

-The Engineer