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An Introduction to Style Genesis

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Developing one's style should be likened to creating a work of art. Without purpose, inspiration, or conviction there is no art, there is no style. If you've arrived at this page without having asked yourself why you've chosen to build a wardrobe I'm afraid you will find all this quite contrived.

For many, building a wardrobe comes as a prerequisite; a new job, a change in location, a coming of age. Developing one's style under prerequisites such as these is a dangerous game, necessary no doubt, but dangerous. It is under these circumstances that your personal style dies, most likely at the hand of the perceived or required "dress code." Should you find yourself in this situation I urge you, do not buy items in bulk! Especially in the case of a new job, resist the urge to get all your shopping done on one day as this will most likely result in cookie cutter outfits forced upon you by retail workers, or perhaps a wardrobe dictated by store aesthetics. Trust me, I've made entire wardrobe sales like these as a retail worker!

Instead, find a number of models, youtube channels, blogs or other sources that you can compile information from. Information should not only include outfit inspiration but also things like body type specific clothing advice, how to adapt your style to the season, and supplementary grooming advice. I remember the first evening I was contemplating building a wardrobe, that evening I found Real Men Real Style on youtube. I immediately drew parallels with the modern gentleman aesthetic of this channel and have been supporting it ever since. People like Antonio at Real Men Real Style, Ashley Weston, and Marcel Floruss have all helped me find my own style. However, what is most important when referencing these sources of inspiration is to find things you both agree and disagree with. Otherwise, instead of resembling a storefront you'll become a (poor) clone of your source and have no more personal style than you did when you were starting out.

Finally, don't hesitate to expose yourself to all genres of fashion. I find the best way to do this is historical research. Many men define their style simply by imitating recent fashion trends eventually leading their style to ruin. For the inspired few who dive into the newsreels and magazines of old, treasure surely awaits; treasure found in the form of timelessness. One cannot truly define his style without understanding the history of menswear. If I haven't lost you yet I urge you to research style icons such as Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, and Alain Delon. The immortalized style of each man represents the pinnacle of menswear, an honor only achieved because they chose to walk the path we share today.Gentlemen, there is no shortage of inspiration out there (and right here!). Find what inspires you and prepare to wander far and wide in pursuit of your personal style.

-The Engineer

Marlon Brando in the 1953 film "The Wild One." Mr. Brando helped usher in the bad boy aesthetic and it's association with the motorcycle jacket. Perhaps your style will incorporate the motorcycle jacket, mine certainly does!