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Design Intent: Breweries with Friends

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Where is this Friday night taking you? To dress for the occasion is to dress well. With this is mind let us imagine a night out.

Perhaps you're visiting a new town, regardless of where it is there is a high likelihood that there is a micro brewery in town. I find breweries are some of the very best places to meet with friends new and old. Though it lacks the sophistication of cocktails, beer can be the medium for conversations both business related and catch-ups. The range of atmospheres found in breweries allows one to embrace casual but also allows for one to set himself apart easily.

A summer or fall evening exploring breweries should mean pants. There are very few scenarios, if any, that dictate a grown man to wear shorts. By wearing pants to your evening out you'll notice immediately that you've distinguished yourself from nearly half of the men in attendance. Though, do not make the mistake of wearing too light a pair of jeans or chinos. Though these looks can be adapted to the evening if that's what you've worn to work optimally you'd want to change into a dark blue jean, or my favorite, a pair of black jeans.

Progress one step further with a simple untucked white oxford button down. The shirt will contrast nicely with the tech polos and sloppily tucked dress shirts from the after work crowd while still demonstrating style as you roll the sleeves to your mid forearm.

Combination of quality built basics is a simple, albeit effective, solution to an evening out at the breweries. Use your discretion to pair accessories, and grab your trusty leather jacket in event of a cooler fall evening.

-The Engineer