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Design Intent: Job Interview

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

When hunting a hunter wears camouflage. Do not be like a hunter when on your hunt for a new job.

When you've finally landed the interview you've been working so hard to get it becomes time to accentuate what sets you apart from each of the other candidates. Staying in the background like a hunter, attempting to ease your way into the position, will not work. Do not ever feel as though you are the obvious choice, because you are not. What will make you the obvious choice is the perfect combination of confidence, articulation, and finesse.

In a true gentleman's life there should be no shortage of humility. Boasting about oneself is one of the easiest ways to repel people, to become repulsive. When interviewing this rule does not apply. You need to take this opportunity to make a strong impression both with your words, and with your outfit.

I believe with every fiber in my being that if you're interview for any position in an office setting wearing a suit to your interview is a must. Though it is still wise to ask the HR representative you're working with what the office dress code is, the answer is almost always "business casual." I don't know about the rest of you, but I detest this loose and overused term. Dress in a suit. Wear a tie. Do not question me.

Always leverage texture in your tie choice!

If you walk into your interview and your interviewers are all in "business casual" polos they immediately become the uncomfortable ones, leaving you in a position of power. This will undoubtedly set you up for success. As long as you are familiar and comfortable with a suit there is no scenario in which you will feel uncomfortable on account of your outfit. Typically a grey suit ranging from charcoal to a light sharkskin will suffice. Should your interview be in one of the more traditional professions, such as with a law firm, a strong navy suit is your best bet. Pair any of these suits with a minimally patterned or solid tie of a complimenting color, I find maroon is an excellent power tie combination with a light grey suit, and you will be on your way to your new job.

-The Engineer