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Outfit Failure

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It will happen to the best of us, it certainly did me over Father's day weekend. I'm talking about complete and utter outfit failure.

After waking up in beautiful Breckinridge Colorado I was particularly inspired to wear linen, cuffed chinos, and my favorite white sneakers. I hoped to take full advantage of the beautiful light spilling into my room, and I did. After waiting about an hour to get into the fantastic Columbine Café my morning with my family couldn't be looking any brighter. The breakfast was undoubtedly the best I've had in the past couple years, with steak benedict on the menu. Nothing could seem to dampen the bright mood of the day. Nothing besides the looming storm clouds spilling over the 13,000 ft mountains to our west.

Not long after we finished our breakfast one or two droplets turned into a street-flooding deluge. Walking down main on the way to ride the gondola turned into a full-tilt sprint back to the car jumping over all the streams that overwhelmed the gutters. To my great surprise my leather sneakers faired well, keeping my feet dry through the run for cover. A light shell conserved the integrity of the linen, while the chinos were understandably soaked.

The storm passed, as all storms do. Leaving a wonderful father, and a loving family to enjoy the saturated mountain breweries. You got me this time, Mother Nature, as you do each of us at one point of another. Gentlemen, when something like this happens to you, make sure to never let it ruin the rest of a good day with those you love!

-The Engineer