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Design Intent: Starting a New Job

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

If you've recently landed a new job, as I have, let me say, congratulations! As a gentleman I've no doubt that you've sacrificed, planned, and executed to reach this new milestone. Remember throughout your first couple weeks, you've earned this. You've been selected for not just your experience, and previous accomplishments, but also for your new employers confidence in your ability to achieve so much more. It is easy to get down on oneself when starting a new job as there will always be a learning curve. In many disciplines this learning curve can be so steep that you feel utterly useless or under-qualified the first couple weeks.

Queue your excellent style. During these first couple weeks flexing your style prowess is a must. Though, this must be done with care and finesse. Within the first couple weeks of your job you will meet new people every single day. Presenting yourself in a confident manner is critical to building rapport with these individuals, even those you may not directly interact with.

Never make the mistake of not asking about your new workplaces dress code. One of the first things from your mouth following an expression of excitement and gratitude upon receiving that call should be a question about dress code. Come to work the first day dressed slightly above the status quo so that each of your hundred introductions will demonstrate that you are a man of class, style, and articulation.

There is no job where these rules do not apply. Start your new adventure with your best foot, and shoe, forward. You deserve this opportunity!

-The Engineer