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Expanding the Scope, Embracing My Passions

Happy Friday gents! Early morning writing session here. Lately I've read a lot about the importance of building a personal brand and how blogs are a direct means of doing so. People like Gary Varynerchuk of https://winelibrary.com/ fame have written books on the importance of being completely genuine and inclusive of your passion when keeping a blog. For this reason I am happy to announce I am expanding upon the scope of this blog.

Over the last 6 months I've embraced a side of me that's long been dormant, simply because I've never had the means to embrace it. That is automotive engineering and modification, particularly on performance cars. Since I was small I have ever dreamed of owning and working on a performance car. My grandfather was a mechanic and though I wasn't old enough to share in his wisdom before he passed I always imagined he and I would build a car together. However, when working on cars with my father I've heard my grandfather's wisdom and felt his presence while also building unforgettable memories with my own father. I've realized there are few working moments I am happier than when getting dirty and troubleshooting hunched over an engine bay. It is who I am. It is in my blood.

I give you the N54, a twin turbocharged inline six cylinder engine. Mine is well on it's way to 500 HP, all built in the garage and daily driven!

I think as a busy individual I've focused far too much on compartmentalization. In some cases, like my engineering school work for example, it has helped maintain my sanity during hard weeks. Though reflection has lead me to discover alternating waves of inspiration in both the style/menswear and automotive engineering/modification. I believe this is a byproduct of the compartmentalization and it has left me feeling as though I'm losing passion for the thing I'm not immediately working on. Lately, having been in a modification mindset amidst my engine build, I've missed the menswear passion I felt six months ago. It is for this reason I've decided to incorporate more content here that will include both passions. How you ask? No idea...

The best response I can give you is, tune in to find out!

-The Engineer