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Hand in Hand #1: Preventative Maintenance and Gratitude

Updated: Jan 28

Gentlemen, surely I can’t be the only one to find shoe polishing and car paint correction equally satisfying. Regardless of application, preventative maintenance is not just satiating but critical to your engineered image.

With minimal effort everything in life becomes a luxury, something by which we are blessed regardless of how much that something initially cost. It is this kind of mindset that transforms sharpening kitchen knives and sweeping the floor into an act of gratitude. By prolonging the life and usefulness of what we are blessed with we avoid wastefulness, jealousy, and shallowness.

In this era of runaway consumerism it is hard to convince ourselves that despite marketing's best effort we don’t need to cycle through clothes and footwear. Instead, with investment into hardy products and consistent maintenance we can prolong both our style and comfort. In future posts I will describe both the maintenance of my own wardrobe and my 11 year old BMW, spoiler... the latter I've spent over 150 hours on. For now, consider cleaning your shoes or perhaps just getting lost in YouTube videos of proper shoe cleaning or paint correcting technique as I often do.

- The Engineer