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Keep Tech Fabrics Where They Belong

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

These are dark times, gentlemen, dark times indeed. In this day and age the market demand for comfort has expanded to even the most traditional retailers. Companies ranging from Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic have begun offering extreme blends of fabric while marketing them as comfort clothes for the workplace.

Do not be fooled. Though these pieces may be cut in a contemporary fashion, and be designed to imitate classic clothing, they should not replace any large portion of a well dressed man's wardrobe. Why you ask? The problem with the tech clothing wave is the derivative fabrics. Often they are up to 50% polyester or other synthetic fibers, which leave the fabric lightweight but also atheistically displeasing. Immediately hand feel becomes no better than that of the hiking pants on offer from REI, which have there place, and that is THE OUTDOORS. Do we as men really need quick dry capable ultra stretchy pants for office wear? I don't know about you but I don't ford many rivers or hop over logs in the office, weekends are another story but that is besides the point. We as well dressed men need to draw a line in the sand for retailers big and small. We should not settle for sheeny and cheap looking pants and shirts simply because they are promised to help us maintain our "body temperature" or "wick moisture."

Well dressed men dress for the occasion, whether it be galavanting about like Indiana Jones, gun fighting in the Scottish countryside like James Bond, or sipping cocktails in pursuit like Gosling. There is no need for "miracle" fabrics in everyday wear as natural fibers have proved both stylish and practical for thousands of years, think Egyptian cotton or Turkish linen. Filling your wardrobe with as little synthetically blended material as possible, and thus casting your dollar vote in favor of timelessness, is quickly becoming the most prominent obstacle in menswear today. Do not succumb.

Several posts are to follow detailing specific examples of how to dress for the occasion and avoid discomfort while still maintaining the perfectly engineered image, look out for them!

- The Engineer