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My Favorite Words #1: Timeless

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Not understanding the importance of timelessness when building a wardrobe is not just aesthetically detrimental, it will leave you several hundred (perhaps thousand) dollars lighter than you should be. Below are the most common errors made by the newly inspired and how to properly address them:

First, when one finally makes the decision to start dressing differently for any multitudes of reasons one usually doesn't have the knowledge to differentiate style and fashion. Do not be confused, these two terms couldn't be further removed. Fashion is fleeting, it walks up and down the catwalks every single season with some trends creating a supernova of excitement only to be discarded the following season. Style, on the other hand, is one's representation of oneself. Furthermore, style is the pursuit of the timeless. When one puts on a truly timeless piece it becomes clear why a hundred years does little to diminish the items allure, think timelessly tailored suit.

Secondly, as men (especially young men) the flamboyant is oft portrayed to us as fashionable. When first starting out the excitement of picking desirable clothing is undeniable. For example, the print bomber jacket below (Versace, $2250) would fall right into the current trend, however, one would be dropping enough to build two basic wardrobes for just this one bomber.

Clearly, this is an extreme example. However, the radical example doesn't diminish the importance of not impulse buying when first starting out. Imitations of the seasonal fashion shows run rampant through your local mall's fast fashion joints (H&M, Zara, etc.). As tempting as it may be to build your new closet from these cheap stores you may or may not look like a sore thumb come next year. In order to avoid being left for dead on the runway it is critical to study traditional menswear. Studying the tailoring and styling of suits and trouser throughout the ages will undoubtedly alter how one wants to define their own style, this is 90% of the fun during wardrobe building. Too often do men think they are avoiding a trend like print bombers, but then instead falling right back into another by tailoring their first suit to be skin-tight with ones ankles showing, think Pinterest.

Now, I imagine at this point some of you may be thinking, "this writer guy thinks he's real stylish and clever." To that I'd say, you are indeed correct. But! That is by my own well-researched and carefully engineered style standards. Building a wardrobe of timeless pieces is tricky, but important to ensure you build a consistent and stylish image. From this foundation adding print bombers, leather biker jackets, or other flare pieces becomes the next step in ones style journey!

-The Engineer