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My Favorite Words #2: Versatile

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Versatility is key to the well engineered wardrobe. No man on earth has the means to fabricate an entire quality wardrobe full of statement pieces, nor should he. For those of us still establishing ourselves financially versatility is one of the top priorities when evaluating new addition to one's wardrobe.

A white dress shirt, a black polo, a navy blazer, and dark jeans are each extremely versatile pieces. In fact, each of these pieces can be paired together in many combinations if the right example of each is chosen. There are countless guides to purchasing versatile pieces online, the most helpful I've found are at Real Men Real Style. Many of these guides focus on clothing which is justified, however, just as important are the shoe choices made when first fabricating a wardrobe.

Often men new to style like to make "unique" shoe choices. Anyone can follow a clothing guide to fabricate a nice collection of clothes, yet it is just as easy to pair these versatile clothes with terrible shoes, thus negating any hope of being stylish. When choosing the first couple pair of shoes do not, I repeat, do not, stray far from the mainstays. A white sneaker, a basic brown or black leather derby or oxford dress shoe, and a simple but well made leather boot will pair with absolutely everything. Do not choose anything with any embellishment, distressing, or alternating colors.

For every man there will come a time for statement pieces in both the footwear and clothing realm. When just beginning, fabricate your wardrobe with the word "versatile" in mind and watch it steadily elevate your style one quality piece at a time.

-The Engineer