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My Favorite Words #3: Finesse

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Each and every time you put an outfit together, regardless of design parameters, it must always have finesse. Gentlemen, today I will not only help you define finesse in a style sense but also give you a couple easy pointers on how to convey it.

It's easy to think for a moment after you've just tailored your versatile quality clothes to fit you perfectly that there is little else to style besides throwing your clothes on. Yes, ones style does require clothes ("Gee thanks for that Mr. Engineer guy"), however it is not defined by the clothes. Super deep, right? In all seriousness, with previous posts I've addressed how fit and tolerancing affect your look, and how each piece you add to your wardrobe should convey something to the world. This interaction with your environment is a language, if you speak it with just your interchangeable outfits and no finesse you are using basic words, perhaps just simple sentences. With finesse your message can go from sputtering toddler to Sinatra's crooning.

So what is this finesse thing you ask? Finesse is in the way you carry yourself, in your accessory choice, and in the meaning of your outfits. To this end, it doesn't matter how well tailored your shirt is if you walk with your head down, or slouch when you sit. How you wear your clothes conveys confidence, and will make those around you appreciate your style by default. Now, this is a great lesson any gentleman can learn from the fashion runway. Think of how the models walk, not the act itself, but instead the pure focus and confidence behind the step. Walking with purpose, as if your destination isn't just the cubicle around the corner, but instead the stage at an awards show, is a means of injecting finesse into your style. Another means of demonstrating finesse is in your accessory choice. Any man can go buy an expensive watch, or wear a gold chain (think Mr. T). Choosing an accessory that has meaning to you will allow you to highlight your personality and not your money or vanity. Take a wristwatch for example, a menswear staple. If you're lucky enough to have inherited a watch it becomes a means to bring the memory of that loved one on a suited evening out, regardless of its monetary value. Transcending time (pun intended) in this way provides depth that can be seen, and more importantly can be shared with those you're with (think date conversation).

The ways to demonstrate finesse are many, the last I will leave you contemplating is putting an outfit together to mean something, to feel something. Waking up in a down mood is something that befalls each of us at one point or another. Instead of perpetuating this negativity use your outfit to outshine the gloom or lack of confidence. Just this morning I couldn't help but feel defeated by an assignment that I couldn't accomplish. That means just one thing, gentlemen. It's a black leather jacket and boots day! In this way, dressing yourself in the morning is of utmost importance; do so with finesse.

-The Engineer