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My Favorite Words #4: Persistence

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Gentleman, some days we just look terrible. To say otherwise would be an expression of pride that isn't conducive to being a gentleman. The key to style is persistence.

When starting out and after a man has grown tired of what he's settled into, a man then usually makes many critical style mistakes. These mistakes are critical, much like when one is young and falls on a bike one realizes how not to ride a bicycle. Just as in those days, how one defines himself is dependent on how he reacts to this adversity. Get up! Dust off! Donate that shirt you just can't seem to pull off!

Seasoned veterans tend to make fit mistakes when experimenting. Even the best of us get caught in this trap.

Persisting in your pursuit of style is critical not only to developing confidence, but also to refining your style further and further. The most desirable building materials on earth undergo forging, trial in flame; in order to achieve the attributes they are so revered for they must first face the flame again and again.

Every time you're out and realize the pieces you're wearing don't convey the message you're after or don't fit as well as you first thought, imagine yourself aflame in a forge. Your persistence in this instance is what will help distinguish you from every other man you see around you. Fear not, these moments of discomfort will refine your style, embrace them, seek them out.

-The Engineer