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My Favorite Words #5: Comfort

The foundation for confidence in any wardrobe is comfort. Before any of you jump to call me hypocritical after writing about the importance of pushing the stylistic envelope so often, the comfort I am referencing is purely physical.

Regardless of the level of formality your wardrobe requires you will never feel as confident as you do when you are comfortable. Lucky for us, all signs indicate the era or skinny tailoring is giving way to a more classic shape. Surely, like me, you haven’t avoided this trend altogether (to the dismay of several pair of wool slacks) and you know the physical and mental discomfort of wearing these overly tight pieces. Though unfortunate, instances like this remind us just how profound a little room in the thigh and along the chest can be to full-day comfort.

Gentlemen, don’t be fooled by the persistence of trending pictures on Instagram, the end of skinny is nigh. Whether it be your suit jacket or denim, always choose the fit most comfortable to you so that when it comes to sitting through the long wedding or running to catch the bus you never feel pinched and self conscious.

- The Engineer