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My Favorite Words #6: Efficiency

Currently I am working in the energy utilities industry, and not a day passes without mention of the word efficiency at least forty times. Efficiency is nothing more than responsible management of a finite resource, most often time or money. With this in mind, efficiency becomes mandatory to the creation of your engineered image.

These past couple years I have exercised efficiency in my own wardrobe, almost to a fault. As a recent graduate my budget is just as stringent as it was when I was in school. For this reason I own just a handful of different outfits that I wear both during the week and on the weekend, with also just a few pairs of shoes.

The way I exercise efficiency in my wardrobe is by often purchasing an item most would consider a luxury. Committing a large amount of money with a small budget may seem counterintuitive, however, by maximizing the versatility and quality of the item a luxury piece can become a pivotal component of one’s style for years. Things like quality constructed leather jackets, shoes, and weekenders are a perfect example of items that, if of the right colorway, pay themselves off in a cost per wear analysis no matter the several hundred dollar price tag. Cost per wear analyses should at a minimum factor in the following: number of outfit integrations, upkeep expense (polishes/treatments), as well as seasonal and dress code flexibility.

Gentlemen, efficient use of your resources is not just benefitting you stylistically by showcasing your tasteful luxury (please dear God no Gucci belts) but also reducing waste and discouraging the unethical manufacturing of fast fashion (posts to come!). Long story short, efficiency is the new black. You heard it here first.

-The Engineer

This Gustin’s weekender is made of Chromexcel leather #8, a beautiful and durable material. Unfortunately, it was part of a sustainable and limited run.