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Passion: The Red Pill

Today during my lunch break I was reading Car and Driver‘s features as I usually do and was pleasantly surprised to find this article: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a28590856/singer-transforming-cars-watches/.

Like most car enthusiasts the idea of restomodding beloved classics seems both horrifying and intriguing at the same time. Though, what Singer has done in the last decade has far surpassed what critics of the brand would boil down to just that, restomodding. Singer has become its own style, artistry and engineering unified. This kind of execution is truly passion manifested into metal, so naturally when I read that Singer would extend itself into the watch market (another passion of mine) I... grumbled.

There are infinite examples of companies venturing into markets unknown because it fits their clientele. Watches and cars have a complicated relationship in my mind. Though both are beautiful and mechanical, when companies claim they are using one as inspiration for the other I have to resist an eye roll.

As one who has recently expanded this medium far beyond its original intended form, just as a car manufacturer venturing into watches, I force myself to read on, and on, and (surprisingly) on. After finishing Singer’s own material I immediately dive for more information on the segment redefining movement they’ve used in their offering. No one doubted the aesthetic design of the Singer Track 1, but what they’ve done is successfully translate their passion for detail and engineered excellence into the movement selection as well making those quick to judge, like myself, feel stupid for expecting less. The only thing this offering confirms, those at Singer have downed the red pill of passion, maybe several of them, allowing them to bridge segments that I personally believed couldn’t be prior to this moment. If you can afford this, justifying it can‘t possibly be the problem. https://www.singerreimagined.com/en/product-track-1-launch-edition/

I will soon expand upon this post with details of the movement, though I haven’t quite wrapped my own brain about it yet. Look out for an engineering-oriented deep dive soon!

- The Engineer