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Planning: An Exercise of Passion

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I’ve always struggled with planning more than 48 hours ahead. During my studies this meant that I spent my time constantly fighting fires and the cycle would consume whatever semblance of a fitness or creative plan I’d establish at the beginning of each semester.

Now that the school semester is approaching for my friends and I’ve since graduated I find myself wanting to once again creating a schedule to work from, only this time with greater conviction. Within six months I will be exercising all my passions regularly; building my BMW 335 (pictured below), attending social events with likeminded people, producing menswear content, and continuing this blog as a means to journal my personal and professional journey.

Though originally conceived as an outlet of purely menswear content The Engineered Image will transition to be about becoming the man I have always envisioned myself to be, in every facet. It is my goal that men will come here to explore personal finance and investment, discuss motorsport and automobiles, share travel experiences, and learn to exercise excellence in menswear. Thank you for taking this journey with me, now for the hard part.