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The Details: A Case for Quality Accessories

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

There is little else that can distinguish a practitioner from a master of style than accessory choice. Sadly, accessories can vary in quality even more than clothing. This makes the right choice in accessories critical to outfit design, nothing ruins a quality aesthetic quite like a cheap internet-hyped watch or a audibly flimsy pair of sunglasses.

Much like fragrance, no wardrobe is complete without a reasonable selection of accessories. The ability to express how one is feeling with different metal types, whether it be in a watch, or frame choice is just as important as the color of your other pieces. An excellent way to spice up a casual look is to add an elegant dress watch on a leather strap. Rose gold with a white face is a timeless option, and can elevate any simple button down or polo look.

Arguably just as important as a watch is the correct pair of shades. Gentleman, it is time to put Oakleys and any other sport brand to death. There can be no argument made for these type of sunglasses in proper menswear. From polarization to build quality, there are so many other brands that will shame the flimsy frames so many men are wearing. Furthermore, the wrap around frame shape belongs only on Tour de France cyclists and those actively trying to repel people. Too harsh? Not in my opinion.

On the best days, regardless of season, pairing the perfect watch with quality sunglasses that make you feel confident is the pinnacle of accessory mastery.

-The Engineer