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Remove Recognition From Your Vocabulary

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

For many men, style becomes a source of vanity. I personally think men are more prone to mutate style into vanity than women simply because there are fewer men developing their own style, thus leading them to believe they are superior to those men that are not. As part of my own journey I made sure to avoid such ridiculous thoughts, so should you.

In the spirit of The Engineered Image I'd like you to think about your favorite car, or perhaps the phone in your hand. What fantastic inventions! Think about all the innovative thought and creative problem solving that brought you such wonderful products, yet you can't name five people that helped develop these products. Very rarely does engineering as a profession call attention to itself, the proof is simply in the pudding.

When engineering your own image you should adopt this same mindset. Though many may perceive and appreciate your style, it is without purpose to call attention to your thoughtfulness. When impassioned I find it hard not to ramble but explaining to onlookers or even casual compliment-givers the mechanical nature of your wristwatch or the origin on the wool fabric from your suit is inappropriate and unstylish. Sharing your passion with those who are equally as passionate should be something a gentleman of style should seek out. Again, not to draw attention to oneself, but instead to further refine ones own passion internally. Much like cars or phones, style is a physical manifestation of passion, inspiration, and innovation. Those with true passion need not call attention to themselves for recognition as their style will do that long before they are within earshot. Be men of distinction, not in word but in action. Let your engineered image speak for itself!

-The Engineer

Koenigsegg, by far the most prestigious company very few people know about. Look up Christian Von Koenigsegg, a humble genius.