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The Details: Sunglasses

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Previously I've spoken about finesse; to review, finesse is in the details. In this segment I will discuss how I utilize various pieces to demonstrate finesse, and furthermore, how I've grown to personally appreciate each piece I write about here.

Gentleman, the time is upon us to rock comfortably cut linen, loafers or a pair of crisp white sneakers, and our favorite pair of sunglasses. At this point, if you've invested in your summer wardrobe but your outfit lacks sunglasses, or even worse you're dressed well and wear supermarket glasses, you're ruining your entire outfit.

Though, that doesn't mean any expensive pair of sunglasses will make you look better. The perfect sunglasses harmonize materials with shape. Careful attention must be paid to each of these two when choosing the right pair. Typically, a gentleman should avoid plastic lenses. Though most plastic lenses will provide the same UV protection, and even similar polarization, they will impart a lightweight and cheap feel when handling them. The money spent on a good crystal lens will not only manifest itself through better clarity, but also much better scratch resistance than the supermarket glasses, thus making it that much easier to protect your investment. Couple this lens with a well designed acetate or a metal frame and the hand and face feel become comfortable, tempting you to wear them even when it's not appropriate.

Steve McQueen rocking a knit polo and a fine pair of sunglasses from the legendary Italian artisans at Persol.

Now, let's talk shape. Wear whatever you want, gentlemen. Whatever you do, wear your sunglasses with the confidence of Steve McQueen and no one will question your choice. There are several million videos online about face shape, but do not let any of these recommendations deter you from expressing your style. That's not to say some shapes look better on others than they will you, but hell, there are also those shapes that will look much better on you. Regardless, if you make sure the frame fits with a proportionate bridge and correct width everything else should be a means of self expression. I encourage you, go to retailers, experiment with frame size, shape, pattern, color... Finding what resonates with your personality or a mood you have on any given day is how you engineer your image!

- The Engineer