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The Details: Importance of a Staple Color

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Perhaps you remember, as I do, the days where you wouldn't dress yourself. Looking back at pictures you may laugh as you were seemingly colorblind, until you see the picture of that one blue sweater, or red shirt. That one when you put it on you felt the first semblance of confidence in your "outfit." Understanding the importance of how a color makes you feel is critical to meeting your design intent, and also gaining confidence in yourself.

My staple color is undoubtedly black. Black provides ultimate contrast in an outfit, something I find visually exciting and mysterious. Black resonates a confidence through an aggressive tone, while at the same time being clean and slimming. The absence of shadow allows one to experiment with profiles in either standalone pieces or in layers. I feel the ultimate expression of confidence is either a completely a monochromatic black look, or prevalently black look.

Not everyone will share my opinion here, and I do not intend to say color cannot be used to convey the same messages as black. However, black is my staple color because it is the color I feel most confident in. If you haven't found yours pay special attention to why you reach for your two or three most worn pieces. What is it about those articles that makes you feel confident in them? Look past the fit and think about which color makes you feel represent your emotions and base attitude, then make it a point to wear that color often for a constant boost in confidence.

-The Engineer