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The Most Important Source of Inspiration

Friendships are undoubtedly the most important source of inspiration today, above all social media and blogs. Recently I've had the privilege to meet three people who have been nothing but supportive of my dream to start this blog. Each has played a critical role in many different ways whether it be simple discussion of design, motivation to write, or stylistic inspiration.

It is not hard to feel isolated when starting off on any journey, this is especially true in the case of dressing better. It is the easiest way a man can isolate himself, to break the status quo. Maintaining friendships that inspire one to act, and and encourage one when one is in a lull, is critical to maintaining your sanity and achieving your goals.

I am blessed to have made these new friends that have encouraged me in my endeavor to build this blog. With your support I hope to make content that each of you, and all those that visit, will enjoy and appreciate. If you're new here, let me become that same source of inspiration to you. To empower and inspire you is my goal, just as others have done for me!

- The Engineer