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To Be a Modern Gentleman: How I Met a Dear Friend

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Men who understand what it means to be a modern gentleman are rare. Social media would lead one to think perhaps clothing can distinguish a gentleman, or perhaps polite adherence to social norms.

I say it is just the opposite.

I met Antonio while I was constructing this blog concept, and at the same time trying to survive the onslaught of another semester of engineering courses. Antonio walked into where I was working retail one day and asked for my help sizing a nice camel driving coat. Immediately it was clear to me that this man cared about his appearance, as he walked in wearing a well cut suit. I was quite honored to help him, and that he would ask me for help given his clear knowledge of menswear. Over the following months, as school became ever more grueling, each time I'd see him he'd show genuine interest in how I was doing and I would learn just a little more about him.

After so long it became clear to me, the way Antonio dresses perfectly conveys the exact level of intelligence and ambition he has. Antonio lives with a zeal for life, one that I am very familiar with as it is the same as mine. His ambition has taken him to many countries, and allowed him to become a well respected attorney.

Though, how he conducts himself in his relationships is just the opposite of societal norms; he is appreciative, emotionally expressive, and pryingly caring.

This is what it means to be a modern gentleman. Stemming from his treatment of me as a retail worker, and blossoming to his support of me and this blog, he has shown exceptional character. Armed with this character and zeal he suits himself in the only way that is fitting, stylishly.

It is important for modern gentlemen to distinguish themselves from what they wear, never with what they wear. From well cut suits to leather jackets, it is easy to romanticize the image of ourselves we hold in our minds. Constructing this image is what I hope to help those modern gentlemen reading this accomplish. Though, should you find that you are not appreciative, emotionally expressive, or pryingly caring towards others, I hope you start your journey somewhere else. Perhaps you will get as lucky as I have, and meet many inspirational people, like Antonio, along the way.

-The Engineer