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Wardrobe Fabrication: Dimensional Range

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Previously we've discussed dimensioning as part of the Wardrobe Fabrication series. The lessons learned therein are not to be forgotten, just expanded on with this piece.

At this point I do not need to tell you of the feeling you get when you wear properly tailored clothing. Hopefully, you've already secured yourself at least two suits and a navy blazer to cover every situation that comes your way. In the Wardrobe Fabrication:Dimensioning post I spoke about the importance of tailoring these garments to both suit your body shape, and achieve your image goals. However, as you bolster your wardrobe with further formal and semi-formal acquisitions it is important to begin to develop a dimensional range.

To develop this range you will need to choose your pieces with a situational intent. For example, perhaps you want to add a little seasonal flare to your semi-formal attire and thus acquire a light blue suit. The light blue color is indicative of both a more casual situation and a warm season . With this in mind you can develop dimensional range by straying from the more timeless silhouettes you and your trusted tailor have crafted for your traditionally colored suits and opt for shorter trouser length and a more aggressive taper. These trouser modifications coupled with a slim but not tight drop in the jacket will help make the suit more casual wearing; appropriate for a summers eve date, or even a sunny spring wedding. In contrast, this same principle can be applied to achieve a more formal result. In this manner, you can flex your style prowess by demonstrating the ability to read a situation and address it with a precision instrument.

Gentleman, fabricating your wardrobe with dimensional range is an evolutionary step towards your engineered image.

-The Engineer