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Wardrobe Fabrication: Factor of Safety

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Just as in any design engineering application, factor of safety plays a major role in fabricating a wardrobe. Though many people may not understand the terminology, the concept is quite simple: over-engineer critical components so that in the likely scenario when that are placed under high stress, they will hold true. If a design engineer was to design your car chassis to handle exactly the load it would experience if you crashed at 30 mph, think of the catastrophe that would occur when (God forbid) you wreck on the highway at 80.

Evaluating and completely understanding the situations in which your wardrobe will be utilized is of utmost importance. What this will help foster is a mindset that will allow for over-compensation in mission critical pieces such as your white dress shirts. Say for example you wear white dress shirts every day to work, but every once in a while you must wear these same shirts to a special event, such as a wedding. Would you not want to have invested in white shirts that withstand the enormous burden of being washed to keep them a crisp white, instead of attending a wedding where your picture will be taken countless times over the course of an evening with a visibly sweat-stained shirt?

This is but one example of why it is of utmost importance to invest in the best clothing you can responsibly buy. Making sure when you're fabricating your wardrobe to spend extra on the pieces that will be worn the most is critical to your entire wardrobes mission. You can attain every single piece of the "exchangeable" wardrobe promoted via countless menswear vlogs and blogs but if you're basics cannot stand the wear and tear, that easily exchangeable wardrobe will do nothing but highlight the fact that you skimped on your polos or dress shirts.

I implore you, Gentlemen, think of what your factor of safety is for each and every piece you invest in when fabricating your wardrobe. There are some where, yes, you will not need to allocate serious money towards. However, the mission critical pieces you identify in your wardrobe must be given proper attention, especially those pieces that will be utilized the most, and be curated with utmost attention to factor of safety.

-The Engineer