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An Extra Dimension

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I've said it before, a wardrobe isn't complete without at least five fragrances. A gentleman, who actively engineers his image with intent, minimizes the opportunities for products to wear him and understands the extra dimension of design freedom a fragrance represents. This translates to a minimization of products with their own fragrances, this is because he understands that a fragrance, when used properly, will elevate even the most well put together outfits.

It is becoming more and more common for mens products to come pre-perfumed. I myself find this almost insulting. As a general trend mens hygiene companies are focusing on marketing the products which are "simple" to use, some body washes now include fragrance that is guaranteed to last over a period of time. By making mens product fool proof the industry is addressing the presence of fools as their main customers. Though that may be a strong opinion I detest the fact that many men surrender their ability to control how they smell, just to smell like cheap perfume, the same one on thousands of other men.

After spending the last couple months lost in the fragrance community and sampling nearly a hundred fragrances I have found myself as equally inspired to choose my fragrance, as I am my outfit each day. Like clothing, fragrance can impart emotions and confidence with its smell. Pair something like a Aqua di Gio Profumo, a patchouli and incense base, with a black leather jacket and you'll get a clean feel, not overly sexy just clean. However, if it's cool enough out, pair the same leather jacket with The One by Dolce and Gabanna, an amber and tobacco base, and you'll immediately find a sensual dynamic is imparted. With just the right choice in fragrance you will find your charm is not the only thing that will attract your date.

In addition to attraction, a fragrance can benefit you in many other ways. Research has found that mental focus and memory are closely related to one's sense of smell. Those taking a test they studied for while wearing the same fragrance outperformed those who studied and took the test without a fragrance.

Couple these two benefits together and one can alter the feel of any outfit, and in doing so embrace another vast dimension of wardrobe fabrication. Perhaps in the future I will write further on specific fragrances but for now I leave you to get lost among the many passionate fragrance Youtubers, such as Jeremy Fragrance, just as I did. Happy hunting!

- The Engineer

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