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Wardrobe Fabrication: Image Consistency

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Gentlemen, the following images were released as part of Reiss' new fall line and inspired me to write a piece on one of the most difficult objectives in wardrobe fabrication: image consistency. Image consistency is undoubtedly what men just starting their style journey will struggle with the most. The main reason for this is the lack of numerous stylish pieces that have been chosen to convey one aesthetic. Should you be just starting out you may only be able to afford a handful of pieces making versatile pieces critical, discussed at length here. Although, maintaining image consistency is another monster, so let's break down the following three images to highlight how it's done.

Beginning with a suit sets the bar for this gentleman's image. The well-fitted suit coupled with the peak lapel detailing conveys that this man is educated, successful, and confident. How then, can this same aesthetic be conveyed in an exceedingly casual outfit like the one below?

The first thing that my eye is drawn to in this image is the button details on this textured henley. Now, most stylish gentleman incorporate henley's into their wardrobes, but few know that this piece was originally conceived as part of a gentleman's underwear. With this in mind, how then does the gentleman in question still convey a luxurious and smart aesthetic? The answer is in the outwear. In the past I've written about outerwear's ability to elevate even the simplest of outfits and clearly this is accomplished in this image. The texture of the suede jacket, coupled with the shoulder detailing adds strength to this man's shoulders. In addition, the fact that he is styling it unzipped adds an ease that conveys confidence.

For those of you who regularly read this blog, it should come as now surprise that I've selected this image. The black leather jacket once again takes advantage of outerwear's elevating capability. However, the difference in the two leather jackets here is in the color and texture. The preceding suede is clearly a day piece, while black leather begs to be worn at night. The aggression that comes with the smooth black leather makes it by far the strongest relay of confidence in this series of images. The choice of stripes is another way this man is showing his style prowess, as not many men opt for them. He then juxtaposes the playful stripes with the aggressive jacket to present himself in a confident, yet highly approachable manner.

Overall, fabricating one's wardrobe to be consistent is difficult but focusing on your desired image will help you choose those casual and formal pieces that will achieve consistency. Should you have any questions about maintaining consistency in your image I invite you to comment or contact me directly!

-The Engineer