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When to Ignore "Essentials"

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Read any blog long enough, present blog not excluded, and you'll run across the term essential. Every stylish man begins his journey by accumulating "essential" pieces. Most essential pieces are determined by history, think white dress shirt or dark suit.

Although, in this day and age social media dictates a lot of the new essentials such as extremely tapered pants, or double monk strap shoes. Spend 30 seconds on any social media platform and you'll find copious examples of each. Now, for some men like those who are drawn to the street style side of menswear, these truly are essentials. However, for some men these pieces will not contribute to the image we are engineering so carefully. In this case, many of these "essential" pieces can be ignored.

Another instance in which essentials can, and should be ignored, is when one will never be presented with the scenario in which that essential is necessary. As much as it pains me to say, not every man will find himself in need of a black leather jacket. Though I consider a fine black leather jacket an essential, those living in tropical or desert climates may not agree. Adding an essential piece to a wardrobe for the sake of checking the box is not style, nor does it make financial sense.

Gentlemen, there are infinite reasons to ignore essential pieces, be it a leather jacket or even a navy suit. Above all else remember, you are a man... a man of style. You do not need to explain why you don't subscribe to another man's thinking. Engineer your image carefully and make the statement you want to make.

-The Engineer