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Winter Trends: A Brief Opinion Piece

Now that Pitti Uomo has past the community has clear indication of the general trends in menswear. If you follow any well known menswear blogs or read any fashion magazines you are bound to have seen some outlandish things.

Despite all the interesting styles and beautiful outwear one of the biggest trends was narcissism. Though I don't yet have the capability to travel to these gatherings I've spoken with men who have and there has been a notable increase in those making these journeys to support a pursuit of fame.

Clearly there are those treating events like Pitti as a performance, wearing things so far off trend or Oakley biking sunglasses in a statement. These individuals have been and will always be around. Though, it seems to me there has been a growing number of another type of individual appearing at fashion events worldwide. In a number of pictures there appeared individuals wearing summer weight suits, ridiculous coats, and touting gaudy accessories. Yet, these aren't simply men breaking the rules of menswear like those mentioned before these are people attending these events simply in hopes of getting their picture taken. For all those passionate about menswear this publicity is nothing more than a distraction from true craft, but it would seem one that will do nothing but grow in this age of social media.

I have an unending respect for those who chase their passion, sometimes around the globe to these events. I do not admire the style of many of these individuals, yet I admire they themselves. Dedication to a craft translates through the lens of a photographer. The real trend this season and every season is passion, pay close attention to where you're finding inspiration and by extension who you're supporting. Weeding out narcissism and planting passion in its place is the responsibility of every gentleman in this community.

-The Engineer